Don’t Tell Me Sorry – Written by Nwogu Vitus

Don't Tell Me Sorry - Written by Nwogu Vitus

Don’t put me in your pity party, cause I don’t need your vote.
It breaks my bone when you say that word, SORRY.

If you say you care, why should you put on me a heavy coat,
Don’t tell sorry, it another way of making fun of me,
it make me look foolish like you are so dear to me,
If you say you love me, why do you have to say that word, am sorry, cause it only makes me weak,
Like rubbing the head of a dog,it make me look stupid,
Sorry, to you is like a helping hand to raise, but to me is like a helping to death.

You pity me, you don’t have to cry, take heart, it going to be alright, 
How do you look at my face when you say all these words,
Or are your mouth to heavy to say, you don’t have to cry,

You better grab your feet and raise, cause it bound to happen, it shouldn’t be new to you.
O!you are scare to say it,so, stop being a hypocrite by saying you never mean to say.

Sorry, I don’t need your sorry, I need your words of courage
Take your sorry to those who choose to live there life in bandage 
Cause I need someone to kick my ass, and say to me, the did is done, move ahead.

  If you know you don’t have a better word than am sorry,
Then save your visit for the next visit, cause by your next visit I should be on my feet,
SORRY, is meant for the dead who are still living, they might look living but not living,

Don’t tell me sorry, am not owning death a prize,
Say a word that keep me moving, and not a word that keep me mopping, 
Cause I should stand with my feet, and not standing with my back.

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