Constant Sore Throat and It’s Possible Causes

Constant Sore Throat and It's Possible Causes
Constant sore throat is a condition in which the throat seems to be irritated all the time. It can be caused by different factors like low immunity, chronic smoking, allergies, etc.
Sore throat is a discomforting condition accompanied by itchiness and pain in the throat. Mostly sore throats are bad in the morning and gradually alleviates later in the day. Since, most sore throats are caused by viral infections, antibiotics do not help get rid of them.
Sore throat may or may not be accompanied by cold symptoms, fever or swollen lymph glands. A sore throat though not a deleterious health condition, is a very irritating and annoying condition. However, imagine having constant sore throat. Living with a perpetually non-healing sore throat is not a pleasing experience.

Constant Sore Throat Causes

Some of the common reasons why some people are struck by perpetual sore throat is as follows:

Low Immunity

People with overall poor immunity are prone to constant sore throat, as they are vulnerable to picking up infections. The immune system which normally fights foreign bodies such as bacteria, viruses and other parasites is too weak to keep sore throat at bay. Some factors conducing to low immunity are stress, smoking, unhealthy diet and genetic weakness.

Constant Strain on Vocal Cords

People who excessively put strain on their vocal cords are seen to be affected by constant sore throat. Usually, people in professions like teaching, singing, etc. where people yell and scream for extended periods of time, the neck muscles and vocal cords get strained. This conduces to sore throat symptoms.


Allergy is another reason for constant sore throat. The environment is flooded with all kinds of allergens like dust, pollen, fibers, mold, dust mites, animal dander, etc.
Exposure to vehicle smoke or cigarette smoke can also trigger irritation in the throat.
Then there are food items that can spearhead allergies. Any allergen can cause sore throat, which is why it is important to identify what is exactly causing this problem.

Viral and Bacterial Infections

The viruses that conduce to influenza are seen to cause perpetual sore throat, faces headaches, stuffy nose and fever. Nevertheless, unceasing condition of sore throat can also be caused due by a bacterial infection. There is inflammation and redness seen in the throat. These infections are spread through the air, when one inhales infected air globules.

Breathing Through the Mouth

When people breathe through their mouth rather than their nose, it leaves the throat dry and irritated. This is mainly seen when a person is suffering from a bad cold, wherein, the nasal passages are blocked. The dryness and lack of moisture in the throat causes one to feel thirsty all the time.

Excessive Use of Antibiotics

Anti-biotics as a cause Constant Sore Throat
People with compromised immune systems are prone to infections. They take antibiotics in large amounts to treat the conditions, however, this excessive use of antibiotics can conduce to yeast infections; Candida. This infection in the oral cavity occurs in the form of white overgrowth of yeast and is called oral thrush. This leads to constant sore throat.

Cancer and Tumors

Chronic smoking results in irritation of the throat for extended period of time. This results in cancer in the throat. The initial irritation symptoms seen due to smoking is constant sore throat.
The irritation can also cause tumors, whose one symptom is perpetual sore throat. In fact, people with AIDS also suffer from constant sore throat.


pollution as a cause Constant Sore Throat

Indoor as well as outdoor pollution can be a factor causing sore throat. People residing in industrial areas tend to inhale air contaminated with harmful dust particles. This can lead to irritation of the throat and respiratory system.
Besides outdoor pollution, even indoor pollution, which is often ignored is a reason for perpetual sore throat.
When we say indoor pollution, it means contamination of air with tobacco smoke. Passive smokers are affected by the smoke they inhale constantly within the four walls of a house. Improper ventilation can result in sore throat. People working in factories and handling chemical fumes on a regular basis are seen to suffer from chronic sore throat conditions.
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Besides these causes, some other factors that can lead to constant sore throat are staying in rooms with dry air, acid reflux and chronic infections. If you are suffering from sore throat at night or throughout the day, make sure you consult your health care provider. Don’t let the simplicity of a sore throat dissuade you from getting it checked.
Your doctor will find out the underlying cause for the sore throat and treat it before the condition becomes worse. If the cause is just dry air in the environment, then he will ask you to keep a humidifier in your room. Smokers will have to avoid smoking and foods causing allergies.


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